ColonyDirectDial Inter-Colony Private Phone Lines For Colonies

ColonyDirectDial from HeliaVoice allows private colony to colony calling at a low cost. Its compatible with any phone system and provides very high quality.

Works With All Phone System

Whether your on a Shoretel, 3CX Phone System, Nortel or other phone system, ColonyDirectDial is compatible and will work. You do need a good quality internet connection but with a simple adapter, ColonyDirectDial can connect with Telus or Sasktel-like phone lines.

How Does It Work?

HELIA has issued colony numbers. Each colony can call a phone at another colony by dialing 7 + [ colony number ] + [ extension number ]. For instance, Camrose colony in Alberta is colony number 100. To dial the kitchen (extension 701) from another colony, you would dial 7100701.

The colony has complete control over what extensions can be dialled at their colony.

Can I cancel my other phone lines?

No. ColonyDirectDial is for colony to colony calling only. You cannot call regular phone number and you cannot recieve calls from people that are not at a colony.

How much does it cost?

We are providing two lines to each colony for free. Additional lines are at $18 / line / month for unlimited calling.

There is a $75 setup fee that is waived until December 31st. We provide support in configuring your current phone system with Colony Direct Dial. If you have an older Nortel or similar system, you'll need a ATA device that turns the internet into regular phone lines. This is $175 including shipping.

How Does My Colony Get Setup?

First step is to make a phone call and call us or fill in our request form. We will issue you the username and password to create the lines. If your using a Nortel or other older system you will need a FXO adapter to connect the new lines.

To request an account, click here and complete the request form

Who is using ColonyDirectDial?

We have a number of colonies set up and using ColonyDirectDial. The list below shows the colony numbers assigned. When the colony is active with their number, the active column is checked.

Colony Name Province Number Active
Camrose Colony AB 7100000
Goldridge Colony AB 7101000
Rockyford Colony AB 7120000
Wintering Hills Colony AB 7102000
Plain Lake Colony AB 7103000
Hughenden Colony AB 7105000
New York Colony AB 7106000
Sunny Bend Colony AB 7108000
Sunshine Colony AB 7109000
Tofield Colony AB 7110000
Granum Colony AB 7112000
Codesa Colony AB 7113000
Fairview Colony AB 7115000
Birch Hills Colony AB 7116000
Starland Colony AB 7118000
Arrowwood Colony AB 7119000
Midland Colony AB 7121000
East Raymond Colony AB 7500000
Lakeside Colony AB 7501000
Iron Creek Colony AB 7502000
Mixburn Colony AB 7503000
Turin Colony AB 7504000
High River Colony AB 7505000
Cameron Colony AB 7506000
Elkwater Colony AB 7507000
Cayley Colony AB 7508000
Hillridge Colony AB 7510000
Ferrybank Colony AB 7511000
Albion Ridge Colony AB 7600000
Acadia Colony AB 7124000
Alix Colony AB 7125000
Armada Colony AB 7126000
Athabasca Colony AB 7127000
Beiseker Colony AB 7128000
Bentley Colony AB 7129000
Berry Creek Colony AB 7130000
Big Bend Colony AB 7131000
Birch Meadows Colony AB 7132000
Blue Ridge Colony AB 7133000
Blue Sky Colony AB 7134000
Bluegrass Colony AB 7135000
Bow City Colony AB 7136000
Brant Colony AB 7137000
Britestone Colony AB 7138000
Brockett Colony AB 7139000
Byemoor Colony AB 7140000
Carmangay Colony AB 7141000
Castor Colony AB 7142000
Clear Lake Colony AB 7143000
Cleardale Colony AB 7144000
Clearview Colony AB 7145000
Cloverleaf Colony AB 7146000
Cluny Colony AB 7147000
Craigmyle Colony AB 7148000
Crystal Spring Colony AB 7149000
Deerfield Colony AB 7150000
Delco Colony AB 7151000
Dinsmore Colony AB 7152000
Donalda Colony AB 7153000
East Cardston Colony AB 7154000
Elm Spring Colony AB 7155000
Enchant Colony AB 7156000
Erskine Colony AB 7157000
Evergreen Colony AB 7158000
Ewelme Colony AB 7159000
Fairville Colony AB 7160000
Gadsby Colony AB 7161000
Grandview Colony AB 7162000
Greenwood Colony AB 7163000
Hairy Hill Colony AB 7164000
Hand Hills Colony AB 7165000
Hillview Colony AB 7166000
Holden Colony AB 7167000
Holt Colony AB 7168000
Hutterville Colony AB 7169000
Huxley Colony AB 7170000
Jenner Colony AB 7171000
Keho Lake Colony AB 7172000
Kings Lake Colony AB 7173000
Kingsland Colony AB 7174000
Lathom Colony AB 7175000
Leedale Colony AB 7176000
Little Bow Colony AB 7177000
Livingstone Colony AB 7178000
Lomond Colony AB 7179000
Lone Pine Colony AB 7180000
Lougheed Colony AB 7181000
MacMillan Colony AB 7182000
Mannville Colony AB 7183000
Mayfield Colony AB 7184000
Mialta Colony AB 7185000
Miami Colony AB 7186000
Milford Colony AB 7187000
Miltow Colony AB 7188000
Morinville Colony AB 7189000
Mountain View Colony AB 7190000
Neu Muehl Colony AB 7191000
Neudorf Colony AB 7192000
New Elm Spring Colony AB 7193000
New Rockport Colony AB 7194000
Newdale Colony AB 7195000
Newell Colony AB 7196000
O.B. Colony AB 7197000
O.K. Colony AB 7198000
Oaklane Colony AB 7199000
Old Elm Spring Colony AB 7200000
Parkland Colony AB 7201000
Pibroch Colony AB 7202000
Pincher Creek Colony AB 7203000
Pine Haven Colony AB 7204000
Pine Hill Colony AB 7205000
Plainview Colony AB 7206000
Pleasant Valley Colony AB 7207000
Ponderosa Colony AB 7208000
Prairie Home Colony AB 7209000
Prairie View Colony AB 7210000
Rainbow Colony AB 7211000
Red Willow Colony AB 7212000
Ribstone Colony AB 7213000
Ridge Valley Colony AB 7214000
Ridgeland Colony AB 7215000
River Road Colony AB 7216000
Riverbend Colony AB 7217000
Riverbend Colony AB 7218000
Riverside Colony AB 7219000
Rock Lake Colony AB 7220000
Rockport Colony AB 7221000
Rockyview Colony AB 7222000
Rose Glen Colony AB 7223000
Rosebud Colony AB 7224000
Rosedale Colony AB 7225000
Sandhills Colony AB 7226000
Scotford Colony AB 7227000
Shady Lane Colony AB 7228000
Shamrock Colony AB 7229000
Silver Creek Colony AB 7230000
Silver Sage Colony AB 7231000
Smoky Lake Colony AB 7232000
South Bend Colony AB 7233000
Spring Point Colony AB 7234000
Spring Ridge Colony AB 7235000
Spring Side Colony AB 7236000
Spring Valley Colony AB 7237000
Spring View Colony AB 7238000
Springvale Colony AB 7239000
Stahlville Colony AB 7240000
Standard Colony AB 7241000
Standoff Colony AB 7242000
Starbrite Colony AB 7243000
Suncrest Colony AB 7244000
Sunny Site Colony AB 7245000
Sunrise Colony AB 7246000
Thompson Colony AB 7247000
Three Hills Colony AB 7248000
Tschetter Colony AB 7249000
Twilight Colony AB 7250000
Twin Creek Colony AB 7251000
Valley View Colony AB 7252000
Valleyview Ranch Colony AB 7253000
Vauxhall Farms Colony AB 7254000
Vegreville Colony AB 7255000
Verdant Valley Colony AB 7256000
Veteran Colony AB 7257000
Viking Colony AB 7258000
Warburg Colony AB 7259000
Waterton Colony AB 7260000
West Raley Colony AB 7261000
Wheatland Colony AB 7262000
White Lake Colony AB 7263000
Wild Rose Colony AB 7264000
Willow Creek Colony AB 7265000
Wilson Siding Colony AB 7266000
Winnifred Colony AB 7267000
Wolf Creek Colony AB 7268000
Peace View Colony BC 7269000
South Peace Colony BC 7270000
Acadia Colony MB 7271000
Airport Colony MB 7272000
Aspenheim Colony MB 7273000
Baker Colony MB 7274000
Barrickman Colony MB 7275000
Bloomfield Colony MB 7276000
Blooming Prairie Colony MB 7277000
Blue Clay Colony MB 7278000
Blumengart Colony MB 7279000
Bon Homme Colony MB 7280000
Boundary Lane Colony MB 7281000
Brantwood Colony MB 7282000
Brightstone Colony MB 7283000
Broad Valley Colony MB 7284000
CanAm Colony MB 7285000
Cascade Colony MB 7286000
Clearview Colony MB 7287000
Clearwater Colony MB 7288000
Concord Colony MB 7289000
Cool Spring Colony MB 7290000
Crystal Spring Colony MB 7291000
Cypress Colony MB 7292000
Decker Colony MB 7293000
Deerboine Colony MB 7294000
Delta Colony MB 7295000
Elm River Colony MB 7296000
Evergreen Colony MB 7297000
Fairholme Colony MB 7298000
Fairway Colony MB 7299000
Glenway Colony MB 7300000
Good Hope Colony MB 7301000
Grand Colony MB 7302000
Grass River Colony MB 7303000
Green Acres Colony MB 7304000
Greenwald Colony MB 7305000
Heartland Colony MB 7306000
Hidden Valley Colony MB 7307000
Hillside Colony MB 7308000
Holmfield Colony MB 7309000
Homewood Colony MB 7310000
Huron Colony MB 7311000
Iberville Colony MB 7312000
Interlake Colony MB 7313000
James Valley Colony MB 7314000
Kamsley Colony MB 7315000
Keystone Colony MB 7316000
Lakeside Colony MB 7317000
Little Creek Colony MB 7318000
Maple Grove Colony MB 7319000
Marble Ridge Colony MB 7320000
Maxwell Colony MB 7321000
Mayfair Colony MB 7322000
Miami Colony MB 7323000
Millshof Colony MB 7324000
Milltown Colony MB 7325000
Netley Colony MB 7326000
New Haven Colony MB 7327000
New Rosedale Colony MB 7328000
Newdale Colony MB 7329000
Norquay Colony MB 7330000
Northern Breeze Colony MB 7331000
Oak Bluff Colony MB 7332000
Oak Ridge Colony MB 7333000
Oak River Colony MB 7334000
Odanah Colony MB 7335000
Parkview Colony MB 7336000
Pembina Colony MB 7337000
Pine Creek Colony MB 7338000
Pineland Colony MB 7339000
Plainview Colony MB 7340000
Poplar Point Colony MB 7341000
Prairie Blossom Colony MB 7342000
Rainbow Colony MB 7343000
Ridgeland Colony MB 7344000
Ridgeville Colony MB 7345000
Riverbend Colony MB 7346000
Riverdale Colony MB 7347000
Riverside Colony MB 7348000
Rock Lake Colony MB 7349000
Rolling Acres Colony MB 7350000
Rose Valley Colony MB 7351000
Rosebank Colony MB 7352000
Rosedale Colony MB 7353000
Shady Lane Colony MB 7354000
Silver Winds Colony MB 7355000
Skyview Colony MB 7356000
Sommerfeld Colony MB 7357000
Souris River Colony MB 7358000
Spring Valley Colony MB 7359000
Springfield Colony MB 7360000
Springhill Colony MB 7361000
Sprucewood Colony MB 7362000
Starlite Colony MB 7363000
Sturgeon Creek Colony MB 7364000
Suncrest Colony MB 7365000
Sunnyside Colony MB 7366000
Treesbank Colony MB 7367000
Trileaf Colony MB 7368000
Twilight Colony MB 7369000
Valley View Colony MB 7370000
Vermillion Colony MB 7371000
Waldheim Colony MB 7372000
Wellwood Colony MB 7373000
Westroc Colony MB 7374000
Whiteshell Colony MB 7375000
Willow Creek Colony MB 7376000
Windy Bay Colony MB 7377000
Wingham Colony MB 7378000
Woodlands Colony MB 7379000
Altona Colony MN 7380000
Big Stone Colony MN 7381000
Elmendorf Colony MN 7382000
Haven Colony MN 7383000
Heartland Colony MN 7384000
Leaning Oak Colony MN 7385000
Lismore Colony MN 7386000
Neuhof Colony MN 7387000
Spring Prairie Colony MN 7388000
Starland Colony MN 7389000
Ayers Ranch Colony MT 7390000
Big Sky Colony MT 7391000
Big Stone Colony MT 7392000
Birch Creek Colony MT 7393000
Camrose Colony MT 7394000
Cascade Colony MT 7395000
Duncan Ranch Colony MT 7396000
Eagle Creek Colony MT 7397000
East End Colony MT 7398000
East Malta Colony MT 7399000
Fair Haven Colony MT 7400000
Fairlane Colony MT 7401000
Flat Willow Ranch Colony MT 7402000
Fords Creek Colony MT 7403000
Forty Mile Colony MT 7404000
Gildford Colony MT 7405000
Glacier Colony MT 7406000
Glendale Colony MT 7407000
Golden Valley Colony MT 7408000
Hartland Colony MT 7409000
Hidden Lake Colony MT 7410000
Hilldale Colony MT 7411000
Hillside Colony MT 7412000
Kilby Butte Colony MT 7413000
King Ranch Colony MT 7414000
Kingsbury Colony MT 7415000
Loring Colony MT 7416000
Martinsdale Colony MT 7417000
Milford Colony MT 7418000
Miller Colony MT 7419000
Mountain View Colony MT 7420000
New Miami Colony MT 7421000
New Rockport Colony MT 7422000
North Harlem Colony MT 7423000
Pleasant Valley Colony MT 7424000
Pondera Colony MT 7425000
Prairie Elk Colony MT 7426000
Rim Rock Colony MT 7427000
Riverview Colony MT 7428000
Rockport Colony MT 7429000
Sage Creek Colony MT 7430000
Seville Colony MT 7431000
Spring Creek Colony MT 7432000
Springdale Colony MT 7433000
Springwater Colony MT 7434000
Sunny Brook Colony MT 7435000
Surprise Creek Colony MT 7436000
Turner Colony MT 7437000
Twin Hills Colony MT 7438000
Fairview Colony ND 7439000
Forest River Colony ND 7440000
Maple River Colony ND 7441000
Sundale Colony ND 7442000
Willow Bank Colony ND 7443000
Wollman Ranch Colony ND 7444000
Stanfield Colony OR 7445000
Blumengard Colony SD 7446000
Bon Homme Colony SD 7447000
Brentwood Colony SD 7448000
Cameron Colony SD 7449000
Camrose Colony SD 7450000
Cedar Grove Colony SD 7451000
Claremont Colony SD 7452000
Clark Colony SD 7453000
Clearfield Colony SD 7454000
Collins Colony SD 7455000
Deerfield Colony SD 7456000
Deerfield Colony SD 7457000
Evergreen Colony SD 7458000
Fordham Colony SD 7459000
Glendale Colony SD 7460000
Golden View Colony SD 7461000
Gracevale Colony SD 7462000
Grass Ranch Colony SD 7463000
Grassland Colony SD 7464000
Greenwood Colony SD 7465000
Hillcrest Colony SD 7466000
Hillside Colony SD 7467000
Huron Colony SD 7468000
Hutterville Colony SD 7469000
Jamesville Colony SD 7470000
Lake View Colony SD 7471000
Long Lake Colony SD 7472000
Maxwell Colony SD 7473000
Mayfield Colony SD 7474000
Millbrook Colony SD 7475000
Millerdale Colony SD 7476000
New Elm Spring Colony SD 7477000
Newdale Colony SD 7478000
Newport Colony SD 7479000
Norfeld Colony SD 7480000
Oak Lane Colony SD 7481000
Old Elm Spring Colony SD 7482000
Orland Colony SD 7483000
Pearl Creek Creek SD 7484000
Pembrook Colony SD 7485000
Plainview Colony SD 7486000
Platte Colony SD 7487000
Pleasant Valley Colony SD 7488000
Poinsett Colony SD 7489000
Riverside Colony SD 7490000
Rockport Colony SD 7491000
Rolland Colony SD 7492000
Rosedale Colony SD 7493000
Rustic Acres Colony SD 7494000
Shamrock Colony SD 7495000
Shannon Colony SD 7496000
Spink Colony SD 7497000
Spring Creek Colony SD 7498000
Spring Lake Colony SD 7499000
Spring Valley Colony SD 7520000
Sunset Colony SD 7521000
Thunderbird Colony SD 7522000
Tschetter Colony SD 7523000
Upland Colony SD 7524000
White Rock Colony SD 7525000
Wolf Creek Colony SD 7526000
Spring Creek Colony SK 7107000
Webb Colony SK 7111000
Spring Water Colony SK 7117000
Abbey Colony SK 7527000
Arm River Colony SK 7528000
Baildon Colony SK 7529000
Beechy Colony SK 7530000
Belle Plain Colony SK 7531000
Bench Colony SK 7532000
Big Rose Colony SK 7533000
Bone Creek Colony SK 7534000
Box Elder Colony SK 7535000
Butte Colony SK 7536000
Carmichael Colony SK 7537000
Clear Spring Colony SK 7538000
Cypress Colony SK 7539000
Downie Lake Colony SK 7540000
Eagle Creek Colony SK 7541000
Ear View Colony SK 7542000
Eatonia Colony SK 7543000
Estuary Colony SK 7544000
Fort Pitt Colony SK 7545000
Garden Plane Colony SK 7546000
Glidden Colony SK 7547000
Golden View Colony SK 7548000
Green Leaf Colony SK 7549000
Haven Colony SK 7550000
Hillcrest Colony SK 7551000
Hillsvale Colony SK 7552000
Hodgeville Colony SK 7553000
Huron Colony SK 7554000
Kyle Colony SK 7555000
LaJord Colony SK 7556000
Lakeview Colony SK 7557000
Leask Colony SK 7558000
Main Center Colony SK 7559000
Milden Colony SK 7560000
Pennant Colony SK 7561000
Ponteix Colony SK 7562000
Quill Lake Colony SK 7563000
Raymore Colony SK 7564000
Riverview Colony SK 7565000
Rose Valley Colony SK 7566000
Rosetown Colony SK 7567000
Sand Lake Colony SK 7568000
Scott Colony SK 7569000
Simmie Colony SK 7570000
Smiley Colony SK 7571000
Sovereign Colony SK 7572000
Spring Lake Colony SK 7573000
Springfield Colony SK 7574000
Star City City SK 7575000
Sunny Dale Colony SK 7576000
Swift Current Colony SK 7577000
Tompkins Colony SK 7578000
Valley Centre Colony SK 7579000
Vanguard Colony SK 7580000
Waldeck Colony SK 7581000
West Bench Colony SK 7582000
Wheatland Colony SK 7583000
Willow Park Colony SK 7584000
Marlin Colony WA 7585000
Schoonover Colony WA 7586000
Spokane Colony WA 7587000
Stahl Colony WA 7588000
Warden Colony WA 7589000
Miner Creek Colony SK 7590000

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